Act of Betrayal


In this intense action thriller, Agent Lena infiltrates the hideout of the notorious villain Ivan, a human organ trafficker on the run. Complicating matters is her lover and police partner, Dmitry, who has been bribed by Ivan to assist in his escape. Lena confronts Ivan and his skull-masked enforcer in a surprise encounter, intending to arrest them. However, unforeseen challenges arise when Dmitry, feigning injury, betrays Lena. Caught in a fierce struggle, Lena battles not only Ivan’s menacing skull-masked henchman but also her deceitful partner, Dmitry. Will Lena overcome these adversaries and complete her mission, or will betrayal and danger prove insurmountable? Find out in this gripping tale of deception, loyalty, and high-stakes action.

The video contains elements of fake blood, spitting and fake wounds.

You will get 22:00 min video

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