Beautiful Bodyguard – Final Part


Get ready for the ultimate installment of ‘The Beautiful Bodyguard.’ Our extraordinary duo, Sonya’s dedicated bodyguard and her boss Alec, face their most challenging trial yet.

In this chapter, both heroes encounter formidable obstacles, causing them to confront separate paths. Sonya falls victim to a cunning abduction scheme and is drugged to prevent her interference with the primary villain, Mark, who seeks to settle an old score with Alec.

With Sonya and Alec both in peril, how will they escape this treacherous predicament? Numerous adversaries stand in their way, including Mark’s lethal enforcer—a mysterious girl dressed in black.

Join us for this awe-inspiring and final chapter of ‘The Beautiful Bodyguard’ as Sonya and Alec’s fates hang in the balance.

The alternate ending contains fake blood and weapon effects.

You will get 24:07 min 1080HD Video