Breakup gone wrong POV



Enter a world of love turned deadly in the gripping short film, “Breakup gone wrong POV” Lilu, a jealous girlfriend consumed by suspicion, embarks on a terrifying journey of obsession and revenge. As tensions escalate, Lilu’s taekwondo skills become the catalyst for a series of shocking events that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Driven by paranoia, Lilu’s accusations of infidelity push her relationship to the breaking point. When her partner finally decides to end things, Lilu’s anger reaches a boiling point. Bound by a twisted desire for control, she subjects him to unimaginable torment, both physical and psychological. With each bone-crushing strike and sadistic blow, Lilu takes pleasure in watching her partner suffer, blurring the lines between love and madness.

You will get 14:19 min