Cash Challenge


Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled clash in our exciting new video concept! Meet “Max,” the reigning king of street combat, who fights for both glory and cash. On the other side, there’s “Lena,” a determined karate practitioner facing financial struggles. When Lena steps into Max’s training arena, she challenges him to a high-stakes duel with $2,000 on the line for the victor.

But here’s the twist: Max has always adhered to a principle of not engaging in battles against women. Lena, however, isn’t one to back down. She boldly claims that Max’s hesitation stems from fear. Surprisingly, Max accepts the challenge, intending to show Lena the brutal reality of street fighting.

This video captures not only the physical showdown but also the clash of egos and misconceptions. As fists fly and tension builds, we witness a true test of skill and determination. Max’s gritty street-fighting tactics collide with Lena’s disciplined karate techniques, resulting in an exhilarating showdown.

You will get 11:20 min video