Casting video 1 – Sensei Nastya


We are adding a new category: “Casting video”. In it, we will publish videos with actors and actresses who tried to shoot with us. Some of them you can see in the future in new videos and in the list of actors, some appear only once.

This is the first casting of the new girl Sofia. She has no martial arts skills and is not an athlete. She is a stunt actress. The fight was choreographed by the Hotfighters team.

Video story – Student Sophia was late for training with Sensei Nastya. Which really pissed off the coach. Nastya started training with the girl and after a warm-up and some practice, she sent the girl into the ring for a short fight. But the student did not let herself be offended and began to properly fight off the Sensei. Did the Sensei manage to teach the student a lesson?

You will get 12:50 min and 32 photos.

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