The Clash of Titans


In this tale, two leading martial arts masters, Sonia and Lilu, meet by Sonia’s Dojo. Lilu surprises Sonia with a strong blow to her abdomen and challenges her to a fight. Despite the excruciating pain, Sonia accepts the challenge and engages in a fierce battle with Lilu, with both fighters targeting each other’s vulnerable spot – the abdomen. The fight is intense, and both women push themselves to their limits, leaving nothing on the table. Sonya hits Lilu below the belt in desperation, but Lilu is not easily defeated. However, Sonia ultimately succumbs to Lilu’s relentless attacks, leaving the latter as the winner and new champion. As Lana win, she reminds her of the price of defeat. What is the price of Sony’s defeat? Find out in this action-packed novel – The Clash of Titans.

The video focuses on hitting both girls in the stomach with spitting water. There are some great groin busts. The girls also demonstrated the beauty and choreography of karate and taekwondo techniques. I warn you that the video contains fake blood and theatrical fake weapons.

You will get 16:27 min